Open you're heart chapter 2

"Sir you can't be serious!" Gituku snapped irritation clouding the mans features, for anyone else this would be a hint to back off. Officer Gituku had a very short temper, and making him pissed off might be the last thing you'd ever do.

However the Chief of police was a different story, he didn't seem phased by his officers temper.

"Are you quite through?" the man stated with an almost bored like expression, "Gituku" the Chief sighed. "You've been snapping at everyone, making everyone want to steer clear from you, you can't even keep a partner and you're temper" The chief glared at the man, "has gotten you into more trouble then even the criminals have, now all you gotten do is watch over the man for one night that's all! He fell in a lake for petes sakes and with him being as drunk as he is he can't be left alone. We don't even know where he lives!!".

Gituku opened his mouth to retort, but quickly decided against it. Despite being peeved still the older man nodded, his gaze never wavering from the chief.

"Fine!" he snapped, "I'll play babysitter".

"Good" the chief nodded, " You can pick him up at this address" the Chief handed him a card "and Gituku" he called after his officer as he turned to leave, "don't mess this one up".

Gituku rolled his eye's before slamming the door behind him, the Chief wearily sighed putting his heand in his hands. What was he going to do with him?.

Open you're heart chapter 1

A/N So been having a crappy night not really gonna say why, personal matters. Anyway decided to redo this story and put it a different way.

Jason had gotten himself in sticky situations before not all of them on his account, but out of all of them this one had to be the worst hes ever been in. Driving home from his job at the bar but not before drinking a couple of cold ones his employes had regarded to let him know that it was sleeting raining outside. And having already traveled a ways he had reluctantly decided on going through the slippery road anyway. Things had spiraled down ever since his ex wife Emily left him for his best friend, it was hard to believe it had only been a week or so since he had been left at the altar.

Having had forgotten exactly where this way leads Jason had forgotten about the bridge coming up on the way right, and as he turned his wheel trying to stop himself from sending his car into the plummet freezing water bellow. Jason realized one thing.

He was screwed.

A loud crash was heard his already beaten up car skitting across the ledge until it stilled the car having came halfway off the bridge, tilting as if it was a seesaw. After a few seconds of playing make sure this car doesn't fall off the edge, the 28 year old realized he was in a heap of trouble. And if he wanted to get out of this alive, he'd better move.

Tearing off his seat belt Jason quickly pushed the door open, unfortunately he failed to notice the strap which caught onto his leg. So as the car plummeted towards the water which luckily wasn't frozen over, Jason went right along with it.The icy water hit him like a stab of knifes a feeling of shock to the system, sending a large kick up towards the surface Jason's teeth chattered uncontrollably his body struggling to regain its moment. There were a crowd gathering at the top of the bridge, and to Jason's relief a few seconds later there was a siren along with flashing cop car lights.

He had always gotten nervous around cops not that he had a record or anything, there authority though always made him nervous. He saw a couple of cops who had came to the scene, and a larger male which he recognized as the chief of Police. He didn't know the man but he was very well known around here, after all he was the chief.

"Hang on!" one cop yelled down to him, "were going to get you help".

Jason barley having enough energy to move his head splashed the water very lightly, in hopes that they would understand. One of the cops called for a ambulance while 3 others carefully headed down the deep slop down the hill heading towns the lake. Jason forced his tired cold body to slowly turn towards the way the Cops were coming, The exhaustion apparently was clearly visible on his face since the

Police were rushing to help him, one being to his surprise the Chief of Police.Before Jason could stop himself a soft whimper escaped his mouth, he could barley feel his body by now. And even he knew if he wasn't out of the water soon, there could be trouble.With the Officers help they were able to get a rowboat which was pushed into the water, the Chief of Police himself got into the boat. His hands grasping the ores before he slowly rowed towards the exhausted Jason, stopping the boat right next to Jason the male dropped the ores before leaning over the boats edge leaning down.

"Come on son easy now" the Chief stated softly, he grunted quietly his arms helping to haul the young man up and out of the water.

Jason was surprised at the mans strength but didn't question it, as he was freezing cold and all he wanted to do was get out of the water. Teeth gritting in discomfort Jason's body trembled the cool air blowing around him prompting the man to gain even more coolness, he had never been this cold before in his life.

Wordlessly the Chief grasped a blanket which he had put in the boat, he gently wrapped it around the males shaking form. Becoming more and more concern as Jason's features started to turn blue, he knew how dangerous Hypothermia was and given this young mans presence he was close to catching it. With another heave Davis pulled the shivering body up against him, taking off his black jacket the chief gently wrapped it around Jason's frame.

Grasping the ores the Chief slowly started to row back to shore, Jason pulled the blanket closer against his cold body. Shivers now and then trembling down his spine, he can't help but lean his head against the older mans chest.

It took only a matter of moments before the boat hit shore, quietly placing the ores back into the boat. Davis slowly helped Jason get out grasping the young man as his numbing feet almost made him take a nosedive into the ground.

"I gottcha kid".

Jason's cheeks burned in humiliation he could just see the headline news tomorrow, Chief of Police saves dumbass man from drowning. Boy that's one way to get onto front page news, he suddenly felt much older then he really was. His body feeling weary, exhaustion hit as his frame swayed slightly only to be kept upright by his hero.

"Thanks" Jason rasped tiredly, he sniffled a couple of times. No doubt he would catch a cold from this, perfect just perfect.

"Anytime kid".